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Remodeling Your Home? Tips To Keep The Exterior Cleared And Taking Care Of The Leftovers

If you are doing a large remodel, you will have a lot going on both inside and outside. The contractors will put the things they take out of your home outside, such as flooring, old kitchen cabinets, walls, etc. So things do not look piled up and are a bad eyesore for your neighbors, the tips below should help you keep everything cleaned, as well as what you can do with the leftovers.

Rent a Dumpster

The first thing you should do is to rent a dumpster and have it ready before the workers start remodeling. Place the dumpster close enough so the workers can easily put things in it as they are working.  Before you rent the dumpster, clear enough space to put it. This will make it much easier for the dumpster company. Roll-off and front-load dumpsters have to have enough room to maneuver the dumpster into the area. Consider if you will be using more than one dumpster.

Choose a dumpster that is the right size so you will not have to over-fill it. The dumpster company may charge you more money if they come out and the dumpster is packed too full. This is because they will have to bring out another dumpster so everything fits properly.

A roll-off dumpster works great for home renovation projects because it is easy to transport and use.  This type of dumpster has an open top and is transported using a special roll-off truck.   

Visit a dumpster rental company in your area to determine the best type of dumpster for you.

Recycle Items

If you want to recycle your items, have two different areas to put things. You could also have more than one dumpster, one for throw away and one for recycling. This not only keeps things cleaned but is also good for the environment. Many things can be recycled from the flooring, any type of wood, metal, concrete and more.

There are also things that should not be recycled and instead put into the "trash" dumpster. Things like rugs, glass from windows or mirrors, light bulbs, and ceramic materials. If the contractors order pizza for lunch, do not put the pizza boxes in the recycling dumpster. The cardboard from the box is recyclable, but the food left on it, such as gooey cheese and pizza sauce is not.

Contact a recycling center in your area (like Tri-State Disposal) to learn more about what you should and should not recycle.  

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