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Things You May Want To Consider When Installing Water Filtration And Treatment In Your Home

The water coming into your home needs to be safe, and many homes with water wells need some filtration to remove things from the water they provide. The water may be safe to drink and use, but drinking water systems can ensure the water tastes good, has no odor, and removes any harmful minerals as the water enters the main water line.

Water Filtration 

Home drinking water systems use various media types and filters to remove things from the water that can affect the quality. A system installed on the mainline coming into the home is an excellent way to ensure the water in every tap is clean and ready to use and can be one of the most efficient ways to manage your filtration needs.

Setting up a water filtration system starts with a water test to identify the things you need to remove from the water. These tests are available from independent labs at a very reasonable cost most of the time. Water filtration companies may also offer water testing, but having the third-party lab test the water will ensure that the result is accurate and match what you get from the filtration service.

System Installation

Once you identify the minerals and other things you want to remove from the water, you can work with the water filtration service to set up a drinking water system in your home that meets your needs. The water filtration system may involve several steps to ensure it can remove each item in the correct order and outputs clean water that tastes good and does not stain or damage fixtures in your home.

Homes with a basement can often house the filtration system there, but there are systems designed to fit in a crawlspace or outside the house that can require a small shed or box built to contain the system, keep it warm, and ensure the security of your water source. The water filtration service you are working with can install the drinking water system for you and ensure it is working when the job is complete.

Filtration System Maintenance

Once a drinking water system is up and running, the maintenance needs are minimal for cleaning, replacing media, and flushing the system. Most modern water filtration systems flush and backflow the system to keep the filter media clean on their own. However, you may need to add some filter media occasionally or change it to refresh the system. 

Most water filtration companies offer service packages for the drinking water systems they install, so if you are not comfortable checking on the system, or adding media, talk to your contractor or installer about setting up regular service for the system.  

Contact a local service provider to learn more about drinking water systems.

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